Netbook or Notebook?

Netbook or Notebook?

Netbooks are cheap, very portable, and can last well over 8 hours on a charge. But these systems (most with relatively small 10-inch displays) are not designed to be your primary PC. They’re meant to complement a full-size laptop or desktop, making netbooks a good choice for students or road warriors. A traditional notebook will have a larger screen and faster processor, allowing you to not only do more CPU-intensive tasks (graphics editing, gaming), but also to see more on-screen content without scrolling. Also keep in mind that most netbooks run Windows 7 Starter Edition, which doesn’t offer convenient features such as taskbar previews or even the ability to change your
desktop background.
A good compromise between these two categories is low-cost ultraportable notebooks with 11.6 to 13-inch displays. These machines are typically powered by ultra-low voltage processors with two cores (instead of one for netbooks), offering better performance along with long battery life. Some of our favorites include the Acer Aspire 1410 and the ASUS UL30A. Just keep in mind you won’t see an optical drive in most these laptops.

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