What is better a mac of windows 7

Mac or Windows?
This is not an easy question to answer, but in general Mac and Windows-based notebooks have unique strengths and weaknesses. Apple’s MacBooks and MacBook Pros offer an easy-to-use operating system in Snow Leopard and feature sturdy, elegant, and ergonomic designs. Macs also come with robust and intuitive multimedia software in iLife, and (based on our tests) tend to outperform similarly configured Windows machines, especially when it comes to boot times. However, Apple’s notebooks start at $999, and the $499 iPad is not full-featured enough to serve as a primary PC for the majority of buyers.
Windows 7 notebooks are generally more affordable and offer a much wider range of design choices from more than a dozen major vendors. Windows machines also have access to a much bigger selection of software, especially when it comes to games. The latest OS is easier to use, zippier than previous versions, and includes convenient features like Snap (to view two open windows side by side). And if you care about security, there are many Windows notebooks explicitly designed to appeal to the business crowd

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