Acer TimelineX 3820TG

Acer TimelineX 3820TG

System specs.acer 3820tg overclock
i5-420M to i7-620m processor*
13.3-inch affectation with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels,
Switchable ATi Radeon HD 5650 graphics
640GB of adamantine drive
Atheros Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n (Can do 300mbit/s)
Bluetooth 2.1 or 3.0*
3 x USB 2.0 ports
100/100/1000 Lan
Multi agenda reader
6 or 9-cell battery*
8 to 12 hours of array life.
Windows 7 Home Premium
*Various according to spec.
My mini review:
acer 3820tg overclock:
I was assured a addled and aphotic affectation account some reviews, About the affectation is ablaze and the colors aregood. While it could be brighter its absolutely not the affliction affectation I accept apparent in agreement of brightness. Its actual reflective, so application this is absolute sunlight or ablaze environments would be difficult. Vertical examination angles are average. The screens acknowledgment time seems actual quick. I don't feel let bottomward by the display.
Touch pad:
The blow pad is good, multi blow gestures accomplish it accessible to annal bottomward webpages etc. No complaints in this dept. The distinct styled abrasion button has adequate acknowledgment and isn't loud.
CPU/GPU Performance
For a 13.3 attenuate and ablaze anthology this assemblage exceeds in this department, alike the i5 430m preforms actual well. No notacible lag and
with 4GB of ram its affluence for best users needs. The ATI 5650 is excellent, the achievement is top of its chic for a anthology this size. It additionally loves to be overclocked and this added increases the anatomy ante in bold and 3d applications.
3820tg pll:
Acer's amphibian appearance keys and keyboard booty some accepting use too. The appearance of the keys is decumbent to dust and muck accepting in beneath them. Nothing a quick exhaustion couldn't fix however. There is a baby bulk of keyboard flex.
With 3 x USB2 ports, HDMI, bluetooth 2.1, gigabit LAN, N wireless its able-bodied covered. The wireless agenda active on my N wireless arrangement runs at 300Mbps collapsed admitting my P6831's Intel 5300 AGN connects amid 200 - 300 Mbps.
At 1.8 kilos or (3.9 lbs) this isn't the lightest 13.3 notebook, but its still an adequate weight for its attenuate admeasurement and fits into a backpack
or attache no worries.
Heat management
My 3820TG active the i5 430m runs air-conditioned and temps are about 77-81 degrees on the CPU and best 82 degrees on the back active Furmark and prime95. Normal gaming the GPU commonly sits at about 73 - 74 degrees. Office use the CPU is about 44-50 degrees. The bankrupt ports are hot to the blow back gaming and application furmark.
All in all its a air-conditioned active assemblage alike back the GPU is overclocked. Admirers not often accomplish abundant babble at all and the arrangement is actual quite. (Compared to my aboideau P6831fx) Note I'm active bios 1.13, added bios ability accept added advancing fan profiles, I haven't approved them. The admirers alone bang up in acceleration afterwards arena ambitious amateur like Battlefield BC2 etc. The the assume to pump out the calefaction nicely.
Light weight, adequate admeasurement and actual able for its size. Runs cool. Adequate body quality. Great array activity about 7 hours surfing the web.
No eSata or USB3, bright LCD. Finger book magnet, distinctively atramentous the Aluminum lid.
Drivers if activity a apple-pie Windows install:
All drivers can be begin actuality Acer Europe - Service & Support, Drivers & Utilities, Downloads Search beneath anthology again Aspire and acquisition the 3820TG.
Latest Realtek HD audio driver:
Latest ATI 5
650 agitator drivers (Fixes PCI-E x1 issue
Over-clocking the 3820TG ATI 5650 GPU
Since the 3820TG appearance a ATI 5650 1GB cartoon agenda that loves to be overclocked, why not addition up the GPU and RAM alarm speeds a bit for a nice access in FPS during those gaming sessions.
AMD GPU alarm Tool is acclimated for accretion the alarm speeds from default. (Use adaptation 0.9.26+) Read this column from Mac on how to overclock the gpu on alpha up.
Around 650 amount alarm and 950 ram is advised a safe over clock. I run 670 / 1040 personally, your GPU may or may not abutment these alarm rates. If you see glitches or the arrangement locks up. Lower the speed.
Over-clocking the i5/i7 CPU
Yes its possible. Application SetFsb newest adaptation and selecting the AsusG73jh clockgen. You can ability speeds of about 3.3+ Ghz.
First 3820TG-4xxxx models use a altered PLL anda bound acceleration bus that can not be overclocked.
My 3820TG has the i5 430m. 
Acer TimelineX 3820TG

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