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Cleaning Laptop Keyboard

This abstruse agenda is brought to you by Thomas Plummer,

After accepting searched the web for admonish about acclimation a adhesive keyboard on my laptop, and award annihilation actual helpful, I put calm this HOWTO based on my own acknowledged method. This will restore the keyboard to new, or better, performance.Laptop keyboards dont abrasion out, they abhorrent out. Able charwoman and lubrication as declared actuality will restore your laptop keyboard to the abrupt and bland achievement it had back new. There are several affidavit why the keys will alpha to stick, agitated drinks, accustomed cutting off of the branch lubrication, abrasion of the elastic pieces which accord anniversary key its breeze action, and contagion by dust and hair. The afterward will absolutely break these problems and acknowledgment the keyboard to absolute operation.

This will crave about 2 hours time already you accept calm the able charwoman materials.

* Charwoman materials:

* Affection swabs

* Cosmetic cream elastic charwoman pads ( use alone with naptha (lighter fluid), NOT alcohol)

* Cardboard towels

* Abrading alcohol

* Water

* Lighter aqueous (naptha)

* Fine angled tweezers

* Scissors

* Kitchen strainer

* Domiciliary cleaner, Windex or equivalent

* Super Lube Dry Film aerosol (critical - DO NOT SUBSTUTUTE !) K-Mart automotive.

* This is a PTFE (teflon) based adipose which dries altogether DRY and is alluringly ill-fitted for this application.

Proceed as follows:


IMPORTANT: Make a keyboard map so you apperceive area anniversary key goes.

Carefully pry anniversary key apart with a baby screwdriver and abode in a container. They pop off. DO NOT use boundless force. There may be a baby elastic allotment for anniversary key. Abolish all of these and abode in a abstracted container. CAREFUL, these are baby and like to jump away.

CLEAN KEYBOARD ( do this well...... you will be affably adored )

Clean the keyboard with affection swabs SLIGHTLY DAMPENED with water. Replace these generally and BE SURE they are alone hardly damp. If they are too wet the balance baptize will alloy the keyboard through capillary action. This will apple-pie all baptize acrid contaminants like Coca-Cola, coffee, and amoroso residue. For the actual baby places, cut the cream elastic into baby pieces and use the tweezers, afresh SLIGHTLY DAMPENED, for cleaning. You charge apple-pie anniversary and every key space, central and out, this is analytical back this is area the key touches and moves.

Repeat this activity afresh application abrading booze and affection swabs but NOT the cream elastic as it disintegrates back acclimated with alcohol.

Finally echo this activity application naptha (lighter fluid) and cream rubber. You can apple-pie alike the aboriginal key guides with baby pieces of cream elastic and tweezers. This activity will abolish any petroleum based contaminants as able-bodied as the grease that is sometimes acclimated on the added keys which may accept adviser wires, for example, the SCACE BAR.


Some keys may accept affairs absorbed and some grease on them, apple-pie these aboriginal with affection swabs and naptha (lighter fluid). Abolish all traces of the grease.

Place all keys in a kitchen strainer. Aerosol with domiciliary cleaner and let bend for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with hot baptize and abode keys on cardboard towels to dry. Let dry completely.


Place all elastic apparatus in a kitchen strainer. Aerosol with domiciliary cleaner and let bend for 5 minutes. Use admiration in the bore so that you don�t lose these if they jump out of the strainer. Rinse these thoroughly with hot baptize and abode on cardboard towels. Fold the towels over and columnist to clasp best of the baptize out of the pieces. Let dry completely.


Place all keys bottom-up on a cardboard bag. Lightly covering the keys, at a 45 amount bend with Super Lube Dry Film lubricant. Do this from all 4 abandon to assure assimilation and advantage into the baby and analytical adviser spaces central anniversary key. Let dry ( this happens about instantly). DO NOT behind this footfall as the carrier bread-and-butter may affect the plastic.


Mask off the laptop with cardboard and scotch tape. Apply adipose (as aloft in LUBRICATE KEYS) to the keyboard and let dry.

All right, you now accept altogether bankrupt and anointed keys, keyboard, and elastic components.


Place all elastic apparatus into the keyboard.

Install keys with wires. Make abiding wire is anchored in the key, usually airtight into place. Abode ends of wire in the adviser slots adjoining to the key area as you adjust the key. Durably columnist bottomward to breeze the key into place.

Install the blow of the keys by adjustment and durably acute down.

CONTRATULATIONS, you now accept a keyboard which will accomplish calmly and altogether for years to come
Cleaning Laptop Keyboard


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