Hellfire Commemorative Gold Gaming Mouse Pad

This Hellfire Commemorative Gold Gaming Abrasion Pad provides your abrasion with a bland apparent ensuring greater accuracy, control, and faster response. Durable apparent and non blooper abetment accumulate your abrasion on clue and assuming at its best.
* New and aerial quality
* A account of ablaze red "Kito" on the surface, it seems added personalized
* Concavo-convex faculty is actual strong
* Natural elastic abject can be accessible to anchor on the table
* The best best of the net-game player
* Material: Elastic + cloth
* Shape: Rectangle
* Size: 14.2" x 11.6" x 0.09" (L x W x H)
Package includes

* 1 x Hellfire Commemorative Gold Gaming Abrasion Pad

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