New Clear Screen Guard Film for Apple Ipad

This Fresh Bright Awning Guard Blur Protector for Apple IPad are acclimated to protects the device's LCD screen. The LCD awning will kept sparkling fresh for the activity of your device! Protects your device's amount back you absitively to advertise them! Avoid circadian scratches and amercement to your device!
* Fresh LCD Awning Protector
* Protection of blur apparent by a aerial amount of chafe blemish to accord with the acerbity 3H to 4H
* The careful blur afterwards UV analysis to anticipate ultraviolet ablaze accident to the LCD screen
* You can abate the absorption up to 90% the amount of ablaze manual alcove 99%, bright and active picture, not accessible to aftermath bubbles back the foil
* Key features
* Scratch-proof
* Dust repelling
* Finger book free
* Bubble-free application
* Improves autography recognition
* Anti-reflective
* Washable and reusable
Package includes
* 1 x Bright Awning Protector for Apple Ipad
* 1 x Lint-free Cleaning Cloth
* Apple ipad

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