Toshiba Keyboard Protector

The Toshiba Keyboard Protector is distinctively advised to assure the best admired allotment of your anthology computer - the motherboard, which is housed appropriate beneath your anthology keyboard. The silicone keyboard protector is ideal for any ambiance and the accepted abrasion and breach acquired by accustomed use. It prevents accident to your keyboard and computer from dirt, crumbs or alike adventitious spills. It is must-have aegis for your carriageable PC.
* Keep your computer and keyboard chargeless and dry from any blowzy crumbs or spills
* Machine or duke washable - Just let it dry and abode it aback on your keyboard
* One year bound warranty
* Color: Trans
* Material: Silicone
* Dimensions: 11.61" x 5.11" x 0.08"
* Weight: 0.7 oz
* Accordant with Toshiba Satellite U200, U205, Portege 2000, 2010, M100, R100, S100 and Tecra M6 alternation notebooks; Portege 3500, 3505, M200, M205, M400 and M405 alternation Tablet PCs
Note: This Keyboard Protector is not accordant with Portege R200, R205 or M300 alternation

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